LocalCooling 1.04

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  • Very good idea
  • Doesn't disturb daily work with PC


  • Doesn't allow to change measurement units


Concern about environment and the global warming effect has finally reached software in the shape of this little tool, which tracks the power usage of your PC and optimizes it in order to save energy.

Local Cooling displays the amount of power used by the computer, monitor, hard drive and other peripherals on its window. You can then configure it to shutdown the monitor, spin down disks or even hibernate the computer after a certain period of time.

After using the program for some days, you'll be able to see, in terms of trees and fuel gallons, how much energy you have saved. You can also register in the author's website and compete against other users.

In all, a nice tool with a more than laudable aim, but still we missed some configuration options like the possibility to change measurement units.

Download the 100% Free LocalCooling Application and it automatically optimizes your PC's power consumption by using a more effective power save mode. You will be able to see your savings in real-time translated to more environmental terms such as how many trees and gallons of oil you have saved.

Local Cooling will:

  • Cut your energy bills.
  • Reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions as a result of your reduced PC power consumption.
  • Give you full control over your power mode settings.
  • Improve your overall computing experience and efficiency.
  • Show you in detail how much you have saved since installing the software.



LocalCooling 1.04

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